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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Anniversary Marital Nuggets

It is a happy day! We are going on 10 years of marriage today! Here are my best marital nuggets I have to pass on to you youngins.
1. Hold SHORT accounts.
2. Get used to saying this, "I'm sorry for _____. Will you forgive me?" Because anyone can flippantly say, "I'm sorry," but it takes true humility to ask for forgiveness
3. Don't bring shiz up after you work through it-ever.again.
4. Always have a sense of humor. Life is a little cray cray, especially when you become a parent
5. Don't expect your husband to parent the way you do...especially if you want him to "parent" the children when you need to leave. Just ask him to keep them alive and don't sweat the small stuff like if they got fed exactly on time, or if they missed their nap- or if they ate cupcakes for lunch- who cares. It will be fine by the next day
6. Have sex often, and never withhold it as a way to control. And you don't "grow out of this." It is one of the most important things you can do for your marriage.
7. Pray before bedtime together.
8. Realize that marriage is not always 50%/50%. Some days you are going to give 79% and he will give 21%. Some days he will give 90% and you will give 10%. It's okay.
9. Learn to serve each other.
10. Read Five Love Languages and figure out which one he is, and love him that way... Don't assume just because you feel loved by receiving gifts, he does too... or whatever
11. Don't go to bed angry, and always sleep in the same bed- even when you don't want to.
12. Learn to communicate with each other
13. Talk through your family history...often. So many unspoken expectations are set in place bc of what is "normal" to you. He didn't grow up in your house with your parents and siblings...things were done differently. This will really help you understand each other.
14. Incorporate each others family traditions
15. Forgive... you are an idiot sometimes too.
16. Don't EVER air your frustrations in public or in front family or friends. It's extremely disrespectful, and it makes you look like the jerk any way.
17. Make an effort to learn to like his friends...even the idiotic ones he grew up...he was little...he didn't know any better.  
18. Make an effort to keep yourself together- whatever that looks like for you. For me that means working out, keeping up with my nails, wearing makeup, dressing decently on a daily basis...whatever that looks like for you. If you have let yourself go- yes EVEN if you are in the throws of motherhood...make an effort.
19. Respect him by thanking him for what he does for you/the family by providing financially-even if you make more money. Let your income just be a bonus to his provisions. Thank him...a lot and always.
20. Date night once a week. Get a sitter. Cut back in another area to afford it if needed. Two rules on date night. No talking about the kids or jobs.
Happy Anni to my one and only,

Monday, September 29, 2014

"Do you have any conceivable reason for even getting up in the morning?" I always chuckle when I think of Kramer asking George this question on an old episode of Seinfeld. After Kramer points out that George has no job, no prospects, no girlfriend, and lives with his parents...George's response is, "I like to get the Daily News." I think we can all agree George needs to work on his "Why". Many have written on the subject of developing a WHY and WHY it's important. I am sure Simon Sinek has built a nice business around answering this one simple question. In our business it's one of the first things we work on. When you join us in business, we try to uncover and develop your WHY. In our business I hear many WHY's but there are two pretty common ones.
1. I want to make more money
2. I want to spend more time with my family
I tell them, look those are pretty generic and don't mean a whole lot. Let's get specific and really honest. You need to dig a bit deeper. Why do you want more money? What is it that money can provide that you are looking for? Why do you want to spend more time with your family? What does spending more time with your family provide? Answers to these questions lead to more questions until we get to a really specific WHY. Something that is meaningful, and heartfelt.
But you ask, why do we need a WHY? 2 reasons:
1. When you are really honest and specific with people as to why you are doing something that honesty breeds trust. We all want to be heard, but rarely do people listen to those that they do not trust. People don't like dealing in generalities, honesty and specificity goes a long way to developing trust.
2. Starting your own business can be tough, your emotions can be run ragged. How do you control your emotions? Having a strong WHY helps. When you are ready to give up, ready to throw in that towel, or jump off that proverbial "ledge" remember your WHY. Your why will sustain you, it will embolden you to make that next phone call. It will make you better at what you do, and give you the confidence and inspiration to keep going.
Write your WHY down and read it every day. Place it in strategic places so that when times are hard, you will remember why you are doing what you are doing. Nothing worth building is ever easy. But there are things we can do along the way that will make it a little easier to keep going. Having a strong WHY is one of them.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Birthday Parties

       I will be throwing a birthday party for my child today.  Last weekend my children returned from a birthday party thrown by my friend Shannon at a Buckaroo Ranch with these homemade beautiful sock monkey horses that she found on Pinterest.  I have not, can not, will never be able to be a Pinterest Mom.  They were constructed using long wooden poles, adorable men's socks, eyes, eye lashes, different colored yarn for the hair and the reigns.  They were a sight.  My children have been playing with theirs all week.  A shout out to Shannon for all the work that went into them.  If I were more crafty that stuff would be really fun...but I think I would have to drink heavily to get through these types of projects, and I may or may not be swearing underneath my breath!  
     When they asked me what the party favors for their party were going to look like, I said, "eeeerrr.... goldfish?" This is basically how I throw a birthday party. I schedule it in the middle of the day so that I am not responsible for serving a meal/sandwiches/hot dogs etc... There will PROBABLY be a cake. I MIGHT remember to throw some balls out in the yard for play, and the party favors will be a bucket of Target dollar spot items they can rifle through and pick from. If I am feeling fancy, I will throw in some Dum Dums because they do not, "contain any of the top common food allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, or milk." 
     We will DEFINITELY sing Happy Birthday, and we will definitely eat too much sugar, and they will definitely have a good time! The End

Thursday, September 4, 2014

World's Okayest Mom

I am so tired of everyone's "mommy guilt." You feed your kids junk food. You aren't environmentally friendly enough. You didn't nurse long enough. You didnt nurse at all. You let the TV babysit your kids. Sometimes you need to get the H out of the house by yourself. You leave your kids for the weekend. You dont want to pay for haha. You work in any capacity. You don't let your kids watch/do what other moms do. Your kid swore at pre-school. You aren't getting on the floor with them every day. You disciplined out of anger. Even though you judge those families that are all plugged in at the restaurant with their various iPads and iPhones not talking to each other... sometimes it looks pretty peaceful as opposed to the s-show that is happening at your table. You dont go outside enough with the kids because-'s just to friggin hot. You dont read to them enough. You serve Kraft macaroni and Mrs. Butterworth. While other moms are creating lunches with cookie cutters, you are pretty proud of your cold chicken nuggets because you remembered to pack a packet of ketchup you dug out of the McDonalds bag from last night...when you didn't cook. Any kid after the first doesn't have the following: a baby book, photo documentation of the in utero belly baby comparison to vegetables-or your sympathy. And the only time you check on the night crying of the 2nd is to make sure he doesnt wake up the first. You need to have a drink most nights just to unwind.

I could go on. Spend time together. As much as you can, and let the other stuff go. And stop trying to create a perfectly clean house if it is sacrificing actual together time to do it. They dont notice if there are always piles of laundry or dirty dishes in the sink. They dont care. Give them lots of hugs, give them boundaries and discipline. Be their mom- not their friend. Let them get their hands dirty. Let them do things that look potentially unsafe- within reason. It's OKAY if they fall off the scooter or bust their knees up. Let them make messes in the kitchen! Its fun, and it doesnt have to get cleaned up right away. Don't overschedule them just because their friends are in soccer, dance, swimming, and dont have to "discover their gifts" all at once just because every other parent is. The kids need to know they are loved unconditionally by you. They need food, and semi-clean clothes. They need your presence. In 20 years not one of our children is going to be telling their therapist that their mother didnt cut their organic almond butter/jelly sandwiches into spider webs on halloween. Stop with the endless mommy guilt. Ensure they KNOW you love them.
Love, EG- the world's okayest mom

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Birthmother

Well if you want to read an easy book, here is one for you... no #noitisnot. I am going to have to read the next chapter with an entire bottle of wine- an entire bottle.  If you think you understand adoption from any of the points of view, you are likely very wrong.  The birth mother, birth father, birth siblings, adopted child, adoptive mother, adoptive father, adoptive siblings... We have our training coming up, and so I am in reading mode. Even though two of my siblings have already been down this road with their adoptions - domestic and international, I haven't had the perspective I have now.  I do know that after reading this book, I will be writing lots of letters to the birthparents... and I will send them a copy of this on their birthdays:


Monday, August 11, 2014

Size Awesome

So there I was staring...staring at myself in the mirror for the duration of Barre class. I used to avoid looking at myself while working out, really just because I find it awkward to have other people watching you stare at yourself in the mirror... but after several times of being reminded to not drop my head, I embraced the staring... For a couple of weeks I embraced the staring, but after awhile, I started criticizing myself...If only my nose didn't have that flat spot where the bowling pin sweeper slammed my head to the floor at the high school all night grad party (oh, you heard me). If only my ears were perfectly aligned I wouldn’t always have to adjust my sun glasses so much. If only my tummy was flatter, I would ___. If only if only if only. I am pretty comfortable in my skin, and a pretty confident person, but something about staring in the mirror no matter who you are, messes with your head. You start finding flaws that aren’t there and focusing on things with which you are not satisfied. So yesterday, I decided I was not only going to embrace the staring, but instead of the negativity that usually ensues, I was going to pray through my so called imperfections, and give thanks for everything I was seeing. How amazing is it that God chose to bless me with this nose that functions and breathes and can sniff out when I lit my purse on fire or I burn things up on a consistent basis in the oven. How amazing is it that God gave me these hips so that I can carry little ones around in a comfortable manner and shake em like a polaroid picture when the hubs and I are getting our groove thing on (dancing, that is). How great is it that God gave me ears that hear and not only can I listen to all of the sounds of nature but I can listen to my children say the most ridiculous things or when they cry out in the night. Do the tops of my thighs rub together...yep... and thank God that he gave me these legs that run and dance and drive and swim. My tummy is less than flat, but I was able to go through the amazing process of pregnancy as hard as it was at times. Many many women will never experience that. Are my breasts what they once were? Nope... but they are a result of almost 3 years of feeding my children and thank God for the ability to do that as many don’t get the privilege! On and on and on. I used to avoid the mirror- then I accepted the mirror- then I embraced the mirror, and now I am just thankful for the mirror to remind myself of how God created me uniquely, perfectly and for his purposes. When I got home, I wrote on my bathroom mirror, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works (me and ALL my fluff) are wonderful” Psalm 139:14. Try shifting your way of thinking when looking at the mirror. It will be a great lesson for your children as well...ESPECIALLY your lovely daughters. Find your joy and security in the way God sees you alone. Judge yourself by THAT reflection- always. So if you see me working out- laughing at myself- it isn’t maniacally related to this- it is because the workout is kicking my @$, and that is my only response... xo, Elizabeth

The Time we Caught a Shark!

So here I am... This was at seven months preggo at the beach house in Maine. Taylor and I love to fish, and when we were fishing for Stripahs (striped bass), TG hooked a big one. He fought it for about fifteen minutes, and finally, when it got close enough to see... it was a shark! He caught a shark, and it looked to be about 5 feet long, which is about as long as me! We were out on the sandbar that runs perpendicular to the beach- so we were probably about half a mile off the shore. This is not unheard of, but in my 27 years, I had never caught a shark. This was very exciting. By this time, quite a crowd had gathered. Probably 15-20 on lookers and other fisherman had come over to see what the big splash was all about. When the shark stopped fighting for 10 seconds here and there and TG would reel furiously... we saw that he had actually foul hooked it in the tail...hmmm... this isn't good; this is going to take forever to get in. In my excitement, I walked out into the water to assist (grab it's tail and pull it in). After all, Dad used to spear sand sharks out here when he was a boy (he was quite the "lost boy"), and he always told us growing up that sharks don't like this water because they prefer the warmer choices. Since my father would never lie to us-and he of course knows everything there is to know about sea faring things... it can't be dangerous. TG was too busy with the task at hand to interfere with my master plan. I was too lost in the drama of it all to use my head. I had a mission (don't let the shark get away). Pull it in; take a picture, have a great story to tell where he would eventually grow to a 9 foot monster shark that I swam 10 yards out to bring in. This could be amazing. We could get our picture up in the local papers, the news! I can see it now, "Pregnant woman risks her -and baby's- life to catch a shark!!" Wow- that sounds really... bad... So here we are, a crowd, a shark, a fight, and a very pregnant woman up to her knees in water. I courageously pull the beast in and out of the water up onto the sand using every ounce of energy I could muster. Gasps are all about us. We are heroes!.. wait...what is that??? That sort of looks like a shark...but not really... it looked like shark in the water with its big dorsal fin and everything... but this is not a shark. It looks prehistoric.  Everyone gathers around to get a closer look and one of the fisherman yells out, "It's ah stejun!"- translation- "It's a sturgeon!"- and he goes on to tell us that they are we have to throw it back- not that I want to eat it... What the heck is a sturgeon??? I mean, I know what a traditional sturgeon is, but not this bony thing... I have never seen one, but it sure is ugly... So there we are... it was quite a let down. We dont even know what a sturgeon is. We unhook the tail (way to go TG...) and threw it back in. At that point in the fishing, you just pack it up and head home. There is no point in continuing on after such a scene. Ridiculous! We talked it over the whole walk back. It was exciting whether it was a shark or a sturgeon...and I am pretty sure in hindsight...we had a crowd because everyone was wondering what business I had thinking I could wear a bikini... so there you have it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Guess Group is Headed to Canada!

We are HONORED to be featured in the Rodan + Fields Mentors Magazine, website, and even more to serve on the Leadership Advisory Board. We are 2013, 2014, 2015 RFx Circle Achievers, Million Dollar Circle achievers (in less than 3 years!) and Lexus earners.  Most importantly we are developing leaders at a rapid rate.
We are HEADED into Canada, and I would LOVE to know who you know there.  Canadians, you can join me directly, and I will personally train you off to a fast start using this link:

Canadian Business Partnership with The Guesses
If you are currently in the US and want to build your business here OR in Canada, you can join me directly, and I will personally train you off to a fast start using this link:
US Business Partnership with The Guesses

Well, this week was the official FIRST week of the Canadian pre-launch and I am in conversation with those here in the US and Canadians who will take the lead in the first international expansion of The Guess Group, Rodan + Fields Independent Consultants- Canada.  To my US friends--we still have TONS of cities and states with no leadership HERE! If you're interested in the R+F opportunity US, msg me for more info.

Imagine what your life could look like a few years from now....

Here is what our Rodan + Fields corporate team has to say about the Guesses, "RFx Executive Consultant Elizabeth Guess from Austin, Texas, began her career pursuing her love of writing as an English and writing teacher. While this was her specialty, she also fell into teaching a course on world geography and cultures and in doing so, found a new passion—helping those less fortunate in countries and communities other than her own. Elizabeth began sponsoring children in Kigali, Rwanda, and in various parts of Asia to ensure they receive proper education. In 2011, Elizabeth and her husband, Taylor, decided to further expand their family, and Elizabeth wanted to continue to stay at home full time with their children, but do something in part time hours that would allow them to give back in a more significant way to those in need. It was around that time that Elizabeth was introduced to Rodan + Fields. “I decided to jump into the business headfirst and give it my all,” she says. 'In the beginning, my Rodan + Fields earnings allowed me to pay for my daughter’s preschool and sponsor a couple of underprivileged children. But now it has turned into so much more!'
Elizabeth is proud to say that she is using the earnings from her Rodan + Fields business to contribute financially to her family and provide all of the students full year scholarships to a newly opened beauty training school in Kigali. “Because of Rodan + Fields, I am able to help give these women a real chance for a future,” Elizabeth says. Elizabeth’s dedication to working her business for this cause has also paid off personally; in addition to being able to raise her family on her own terms, she has earned the Level V Arrival Trip to Sonoma and San Francisco, the Elite V Trip to Maui, Hawaii, and RFxCircle Trips to Bora Bora, Paris and Morroco. Elizabeth can’t wait to see her team members hit these milestone achievements as well. “I love that I’m able to help my fast-growing team meet their goals and see their dreams fulfilled through this business,” she says. “We are being the change by doing things differently.”

Our team motto is "Be The Change" as we are the change for so many. "Being the Change" manifests itself in various ways from changing skin, changing lives, providing financial change, empowering others, personal growth, giving back with our RF earnings to causes close to our hearts etc... We have an incredibly savvy, fun group of people that are growing at an extremely rapid rate due to our training and resources, and I would love to train you into that same success!
Here are the cities and dates for our pre-launch events (msg me for time/place):

Vancouver - August 6th
Winnipeg - August 7th
Toronto - August 11th
Calgary - August 13th

There will be more! 

Healing for Hewa

Parts of this are VERY hard to watch. Watch it anyway.
Healing for Hewa

"God uses me the most when I am outside of my own comfort zone"

Let this story change you. Be The Change

Give Here
Prenatal and Maternity CareTragically, hundreds of young mothers and thousands of newborns die every day from preventable causes. With proper training and equipment, a Christian birth attendant can save countless lives and reach young families with the Good News of God’s love. A gift of $45 can provide specialized instruction, basic obstetric supplies, or even antiviral medicine to protect newborns and their mothers.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lessons from a Chocolate Lab

Meet Gus.  Gus was our dog, our chocolate lab.  Gus died last week suddenly, and unexpectedly. Everyone that has ever met Gus loved him from the moment they met.  Gus loved people, tennis balls, eating, and swimming in that in order.  He was a part of our family, our first born.  My parents even called him their grand-dog.  He loved life and I loved him.  The last few years however Gus and I strayed a bit in our relationship.  It wasn't him, it was all me.  Life got busy, and we started having children.  Work called, and traveling ensued.  Work trips, vacations, errands, kids activities, everything started to pile up.  It wasn't always like this though, for many years Gus and I were inseparable.  When we had our daughter everyone asked me, has the dog been replaced?  I would say, I love our daughter but she hasn't replaced the dog just yet.  Well, she did.  My attention drifted to other things.  Our ball throwing sessions, walks, and hunting trips together became more infrequent.  I fed Gus, I acknowledged Gus, and I even talked to him because as you can imagine he was a great listener.  But in reality, Gus became an afterthought to the busyness we call life.  Gus was a staple, he was always there and I always thought he would be. And then in an instant, Gus was gone.  Forever.  

What have I learned from this?  

Life is fragile.  We are alive one moment and gone the next, and it can happen in the blink of an eye.  Spend time with those that you love and cherish.  Whatever is holding you up can wait.  We were born to be in relationships with others.  Nurture those relationships, and spend quality time NOW with those you love.  Go see that parent, reconcile with that spouse, say YES to your child instead of "we can do that tomorrow."   Be patient with people, especially those that you love.  Choose to show grace when people make mistakes.  

For those that have never owned a dog, losing one can rip your heart out.  It's painful, but I'm not looking for sympathy.  I understand there are many ills in the world, and losing a pet doesn't rank very highly.  But this loss hasn't been easy, I will miss Gus.  While we will have another dog, and probably another lab, he will never be replaced.  I am thankful for the time we had Gus in our lives.  I hope that through losing Gus I will remember to hold my wife and children a little tighter, and that I will be a better husband, father, and friend.  I wish I had spent more time with Gus.  I wish we would have gone for more runs, and that I would have let him destroy a few more tennis balls.  But unfortunately, I no longer have that option.  This has been a wake up call for me, we won't live forever and neither will our loved ones.  Take the effort today to spend time with those that you love.   It took a chocolate lab named Gus to remind me, I am hoping I can remind you.

- Taylor

Monday, July 28, 2014

Make a Difference by Thinking Small, Not Big

I certainly don’t want to discourage big thinking.  I believe in big!  Big goals, big expectations, and really big results.  But today I’m talking about making a difference.  I have always believed in the power of the individual.  I believe that YOU matter, and that YOU can make a difference.  YOU MAY NOT CHANGE THE WORLD TODAY, BUT YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE PERSON.  It doesn’t have to be something BIG, it can be a simple smile, or a door held open for someone.  But in addition to possibly improving someone else's day, you will start to develop the habit of having an "attitude of gratitude" in yourself. You Make This Choice Every Day, But is it the Right One?.

Try these three simple things below and see how it positively impacts the lives of others, but in the process also changes you.
1. Be proactive in looking for small ways to be helpful everyday.  Today, I want you to look at people in the eye.  Say please, and thank you.  Ask for permission up front instead of just apologizing afterward.  Open the door for people, and enter after them.  It you are flying today, help someone put their bag in the overhead bin.  While checking out at the grocery store, let the person behind you who has less items go in front of you.   When you see someone drop something, bend down and pick it up.  Pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru. Do you see where I’m going with this?  These are very small things, and something we all can do.  But some of you may be wondering, these are so small and insignificant what’s the point?  The point is while some of these may be small in your eyes, the small act of kindness you perform could really change the day and attitude of the person you are interacting with, including your own!
2. Become passionate about something and give financially to it every month.  We are taught to spend wisely, invest, and save our money.  But rarely has anyone told us to give!  I love passionate people, and people that really care and take an interest in a cause.  Isn’t it invigorating to be around people who are passionate about something?  Let’s take an interest in something other than our pocketbook and what’s on television tonight.  The world is a broken place.  Is there any injustice in the world you want to fix?  Educate yourself about the problem, develop a passion for it,  and support the cause with a donation.  It feels good to support and be a part of something that is bigger and outside of ourselves.
3.   But don’t just give your money, find a way to take a little time on a weekly or monthly basis to give your time.  Include your spouse, and your kids if possible.  Do you want your kids to learn about being responsible in the community?  Get them involved in voluntary service.  This could be something like spending a few hours helping remodel a house in an underprivileged neighborhood on a Saturday or something as simple as having a conversation with a lonely individual in a nursing home, or delivering a meal to someone in need.  Spend a little time each month getting out and doing this, you will be quite fascinated at the impact you can have.  You will also be surprised at how these small things can have an impact on you, and your family.
Don’t expect the implementation to be easy. Some of these habits may take a while to develop.  But start small. All we are aiming for is to be better today than we were yesterday. It’s so easy to be a criticizing contrarian, and to live life on the “sidelines.”  Instead, develop and nurture a passion that will encourage you to step out and make a difference so that you can BE THE CHANGE in your network and community today.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I am About to Punch Dora in the Face

I am about to punch Dora in the Face.

We have a drug problem in our home. Holy toddler crack. The big headed demon has infiltrated our home, and I think I may need a supplier to handle it all. It all started out innocently when we were leaving town, and I needed something for the plane ride just in case things got out of hand. My girlfriend loves Dora, and since we have taught C a little Espanol along the way, she recommended downloading it on my iPad. Sounds harmless enough, right?...Wrong. We never needed it on that trip, and I forgot about it. Campbell wanted to look at pictures on my iPad a few weeks ago, so we snuggled in bed after nap time and we found Dora. So cute with the little monkey friend, Boots. She really seems to like this, and likes the Spanish. So cute. That afternoon I find Dora on DVR and record all of the upcoming episodes- obvi. We all went away for the weekend, and upon return, there were about 30 Dora, what?! How often does this come on? Well, at least I'll have some backups for dire situations where we just need some snuggle/Dora time to unwind. That is how it all began. It started so innocently, and now it has gone from "aaawww- cute post nap time treat," to "I WAAANNNTT DOOWAA!" whining. It starts when we wake up.

Well goodmorning, sunshine!
I want to eat bwekfest and watch Dowa!
30 minutes later- I wanwna watch anofer Dowa!
-No, we're going let's go outside and ride bikes-
Too hot? Let's draw a picture, do a puzzle, play with blocks, read a book...?
NO, I wawna watch Dowa
No, we already watched a Dora today, do you want to go jump on the trampoline?
NO, I wawna watch Dowa
Come on. Lets go for a nature walk. To the park? Do you want endless amounts of cheese? Chocolate? I'll let you drive my car. Smoke a cigarette? Swim with sharks? You name it
NO, I wawna watch Dowa

This isn't any mild drug. She can't take a hit and be satisfied. She needs more, more intense, more singing, more dancing, more Spanish, mas animales. Greater frequency. She gets a fix after the Map, after the Backpack, and then again at the end after they "did it." I am not sure how much more I can take this. I have created a monster. My little sweetie has been taken in by the purple backpack. He has quite a hold on her. Normally we watch a 30 min. show after nap time as we all come to, but now she is asking for a hit about every 30 minutes throughout the day, and if she is told no, the meltdown ensues. How did it get to this. I don't know, but I need a plan, and I need a plan stat. If I have to listen to anymore "We Did It," I might snap.

xoxo Elizabeth

I Heart Tim Tebow-Yup...That Guy

Ohhh Tim Tebow.... how I heart you. I have a platonic crush on another man... thats right. "Gasp! Does your husband know?" you might be asking. Yes, and so does he. We both think he is awesome. Not only is he reputably a wonderful man, but this is the story of how he came into this world.

"Tebow was born on August 14, 1987 in the Philippines to Bob and Pam Tebow, who were serving as Christian missionaries at the time. While pregnant Pam suffered a life-threatening infection with a pathogenic amoeba. Because of the drugs used to rouse her from a coma and to treat her dysentery, the fetus experienced a severe placental abruption. Doctors expected a stillbirth and recommended an abortion to protect her life. She carried Timothy to term, and both survived." -wikipedia

Not only is he a professing Christian, but he lives out his faith by all reports. How rare is that!? He is admired by his team mates and considered a true leader in his community. One of the biggest reasons I crush him is because of the positive role model that he is to boys ages 5-20 that look up to the football greats! He spends his summers doing missions and serving those that are less fortunate. There are not many men that act like men anymore. Teaching teenage boys from the inner-city to affluent private and everything in between showed me how desperate they are for positive role models. Raising boys in this society is quite an uphill battle for even the best of fathers. So it is great to see a man in the limelight that they can also aspire to. They are inundated with "stars" that act "afool." Tim Tebow interview

Obviously he is adorable, and you know I am a sucker for a man who isn't afraid to dress up!

xoxo Elizabeth

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fire Breathing Stewardess

So there I was...boarding the plane.  The stewardess looks at me like- oh great, a baby...and I look back at her like- oh great, an attitude.  Last week we traveled out to California and had such a fun time!   It was C's first adventure on an airplane, and she did a FANTASTIC job.  The flight attendants from Austin to Phoenix were incredibly rude and unhelpful in general.  Neither of them smiled, and they made a point to make everyone on the plane feel like they were such an inconvenience... Oh service industry, where did you go?  What happened to the cute little girls out of high school with the short skirts and the smile on their faces waiting to please?  Those are my kind of flight attendants (think "Catch Me if You Can"-  I guess these girls hadn't seen the movie.)  I hate to think what they would have acted like if C had been problematic.  They probably would have asked me to put her in the bottom of the plane with the luggage.  I went to the back of the plane to change her wet diaper, and as I am finishing up, I can feel a dragon breathing over my shoulder... I whip around to find flight attendant #1 staring at me...I brush the ashes off of my sleeve.  I look at her..."hellllloo?" I say.  "You know you are going to have to take that with you-DONT YOU?" as she hands me a bag.  "Oh- absolutely, I do."  I retort with a smile on my face.  Drink service... Well, I would like a bloody mary... the perfect 8am travelling-with-baby cocktail, but I settle for a spicy tomato juice sans liquor.  Within 30 seconds C has picked up the glass and dumped it on my white dress.  Lesson learned.  It only went on me, did not touch the floor or my sweet neighbor.  The guy next to me pushes the call button and tells me he will get some napkins for me (what a doll).  Flight attendant #2 takes her sweet time and when she finally gets up enough energy to walk the 7 and 1/2 feet, she doesn't say a word- just slams down a stack of napkins and then says "thats all I have!"...apparently this is not her first rodeo.  Holy snap. Doll of a neighbor looks at me horrified...after all... I am just a young mother with an infant travelling for the first time husbandless aboard a plane with cruel staff...It's in a man's nature to pick up the pieces (OR IT SHOULD BE).  "Wow...friendly service- does the other stewardess have any napkins?" I say to her as she turns to walk the rest of her very arduous journey.  She flips around and says, "it's flight attendant."  -Are you kidding me???-  I can't stand this PC nonsense.  Doll of a neighbor helps me, and we continue our riveting conversation about how he went to every frat party at UT when he was in high school and get wasted when he was 14, and how his father would just say, " be safe now"... I said he was a doll- I didn't say he was perfect.  We land.  The flight attendant comes on, and tells us to shut all our window shades and turn our air on so that the idle plane stays cool.  In my head I am thinking... when did these people get so lazy.  They no longer do the walk thru once we are off the plane. Is it a problem to pull my shade and turn my air on- no.  Is it annoying to do them favors when they already spit fire... yes.  As I get up... I spy the bag with the diaper in it...the specific diaper bag Dragon gave me to dispose.  I look down at it...I am already standing...I am holding C, and it would be a real pain in the neck to bend over holding her and dig under my seat to recover the diaper...speaking of laziness.  I am not going to ask neighbor doll to pick up the diaper.  Yes it was just pee- but he doesnt know that.   So I evaluate my options. Option 1: Bend over- pick up the diaper which could be totally unsafe in such small quarters as I am carrying my infant daughter which would plummet me forward probably knocking someone  over and dropping my child in the process.  Option 2: Ask nieighbordoll to get it even though I know he would happily.  Option 3: Leave it on the plane even though Dragon specifically let me know with her fire breath that I HAD to take it with me.  
You guessed it, O3 wins out... So I leave it. I know- I know- you are thinking Oh My Gross. I knew when Dragon finds it, she is going to flip.out. and attempt to get me on the no-fly list (but in the moment, I did not care).
I exit the plane and give a cheery goodbye and thank you to the captain- after all he flew us through the friendly skies- and- has to work with these cruella devilles (you remember- she killed PUPPIES).
       Husband had been in Mexico and was meeting us in Phoenix where we would all make our way to California together.  I exit the plane and find TG standing there with a big grin on his face- ugh- love the kid.  We go off to eat and catch up on his previous trip.  Walk around the airport a bit.  Find our next gate and board the last leg to Cali.  Husband is chatting away as we walk down the tunnel, and I spot Dragon!  As we stand on the plane towards the front we are idle as someone brilliant tries to jam their over sized bag and coat and briefcase and... and... and in the overhead compartment.  So I turn around, and I tell Husband a brief version of what happened, and how somehow we have the same flight crew as my last leg- even though it is a different gate.  I peer over his shoulder just in time to see flight attendant #2 yelling at some -old, barely hanging on-sweet, white-haired lady who got up at 4:30 to curl her hair and find her pearls for the flight and  has probably been terrified to travel since 1967 that NO she could NOT change seats since we were already boarding.  UGH.  Husband looks at me and says, "you did what!?"  DH is not even paying attention to example #26 of how these people are evil.  Husband is horrified, and we find our seats.  He starts laughing his nervous laughter, and tells me that neither of us are ordering drinks because they will either poison them or spit in them... He tells me this several more times.  He then proceeds to try to ham it up with Dragon as she walks by to overcompensate for my behavior.  She takes to him right away and never looks at me the rest of the flight.  I get that everyone has their bad days (I mean, I don't, but I have heard what its like to have one) but seriously!  The whole think was ridiculous, and I was happy to see we had a different crew on our way home.  
xoxo Elizabeth

What is Wrong with US

I am excited to start "Bringing Up Bébé- One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting." I read a less than complimentary article in Forbes titled, "Bringing Up Bébé? No Thanks, I'd Rather Raise a Billionaire." The article starts with this, "Quick: Name a French billionaire. Now name one who is self-made. A bit harder, non? According to the Forbes World’s Billionaires List, France has sixteen billionaires. The U.S. boasts far more: 425. Yet one of the hottest parenting books on the market, Bringing Up Bébé, purports that American parents should seek to emulate their French counterparts." I think I threw up in my mouth. What is wrong with our society? Well, many things, but for starters this flawed and empty mentality. I would love to see an article in Forbes about the different definitions of success. I would love to see an article on how empowering our children is crucial, but not for the sole purpose of owning 5 vacation homes and having access to the the world's finest things. When was the last time you read an article in Forbes about how money literally destroys people (not to mention the fame that comes before or after). I would love to see an article that starts of with something like, "Quick, name a person in your life that has influenced you to whatever 'great' means for you. For some that is being a great cook, being an amazing writer, being skilled with your hands, being an incredible father, being a selfless husband, being the worlds biggest philanthropist, being a missionary, being a decorator, being a mentor, being someone who got knocked up when they were young and unwed, but chose to have the baby even though they knew getting knocked up out of wedlock is social suicide... in the South... I would love to read an article that talks about living with purpose-with the scads of money you own...and not just so you can get more publicity by doing so. There is something so extraordinarily flawed with our culture that puts the almighty dollar above everything else. Is money nice, yep! Is money a whole lot of fun, yep! Is money an amazing way to live the life we all dream of with all the conveniences at our fingertips, yep. Is money the end-all? Nope. If you disagree, I would challenge you to go to the slums of another country...across our Southern border is all you have to venture. I have been on many trips to some of the most impoverished border towns along the northern border of Mexico to dig a well because they don't even have drinking water, to build a home or a church, or simple school. These people literally have nothing, and I have met some of the most joy filled people that I will ever meet. This is true world wide. Money doesn't lead to happiness...and certainly not joy, in fact, sometimes it is the exact opposite. Money rips families apart; pay attention when people are knocking on death's door and there is some material gain after the death for someone... siblings/ cousins/ distant family fights, sometimes breaking all ties, severing relationships. Money is dangerous. It can be a blessing AND a curse. I find it curious that we live in a society where money=success. Money is a wonderful thing. It can provide a pathway out of or into something else, when used responsibly. Money changes lives, and relieves great stress. Money has the power to do just about anything you want it to...strange how it works, that just a piece of paper or a swipe of plastic can have so much power. One of the things I am so thankful for in our home is that TG will not allow us to live in debt. We pay cash for everything, or we dont buy it...excluding our home, I should add. He doesn't care about keeping up appearances for the sake of it all...and my father was the same way. If we didn't have it, we didn't spend it. My father never allowing me to have a credit card was definitely not something I understood or appreciated until I became an adult. Credit also serves its purposes, and in itself is a good thing, but can be so misused. How are you using your finances...because one of my biggest struggles is being wasteful. I can spend money like it is water, and not think a thing about it. I am learning and growing in this always! Many of the saddest and most empty people are the world's richest, why? Because when you are constantly grasping for something else in your life to fulfill you, it will...temporarily. If only I had a bigger home. If only I had a car that had x. If only I had a boat so I could be entertained on the weekends. If only we were able to go out to nice dinners. If only I had a vacation home. If only, if only, if only. Those things really are all fun...and I love them all...but if you are looking for them to bring you any kind of lasting happiness, you are grasping at straws. It.won’t.happen. There will always be more to be had, and it will just leave you emptier and emptier as you see these things can't fill you up. They can't give you ultimate security. They can many times only meet temporary voids. Go make your big bucks. I know I am working hard at my business and it isn't for the joys of being on Facebook. It is so that I can get a bigger and bigger paycheck. Think of all the things that can be done with the money...just think... Think of all the things that will fill temporary boredom or meet the lasting needs of others. We will most likely be opting private school for our littles, we are adopting which can be very pricey, and I want to sponsor more and more children overseas and yes, I want a boat- just to play in...and probably a beach house. Money is a great thing...or it could be a bad thing...depending on the condition of your heart. If you let it be your driving force and your will destroy you. Now, the Frenchies definitely have their problems too, but if they aren't able to produce more Billionaires than we are...I think it will probably benefit them as a society. In the mean time, I look forward to reading about some of the differences in their parenting culture (which will probably be just as screwey as my own- in different ways) and if nothing else but to be entertained!

xoxo, Elizabeth

You Make This Choice Every Day, But is it the Right One?

You make this choice every day, but is it the right one?

How will you face the day? Will you react in a negative way, or will you choose to respond positively? For me, my kids run into my room very early every morning and let me know that it’s time for me to get up. I wish I could say I always respond positively, but I don’t. Sometimes I throw any electronic device I can find at my children to placate them until I decide to get my tired body out of bed . But how I respond in those first few seconds always sets the tone for the day. As we all know it takes just as much effort to react negatively as it does to respond positively in situations. You may be thinking, no kidding thanks for the update on positive thinking. But seriously, why is it that the simple ideas we have are sometimes the most difficult to implement? Ever wonder if putting just a few simple steps in place could maybe help you accomplish a simple goal? I would say positive thinking is a simple goal, however it’s quite difficult to attain at times. Our circumstances change throughout out our life, but the difficulty between our ears stays the same. Here are three things that I have found that help me specifically on a daily basis.


STEP 1: Start your day with some positive reading material. Maybe it’s spiritual, maybe it’s just motivating. Don’t like to read? Watch a motivational clip, or listen to something while on your way to work. Find something that energizes you to face the coming problems of the day. It’s important to do this before the technology begins because I promise, frustrating news is waiting in your inbox.

STEP 2: Try to respond instead of react to situations. Reacting is quick and emotional while responding is slow and thoughtful. Which kind of person do you want to be thought of? Slow to speak and thoughtful, or an emotional hothead? Do you find yourself interrupting people? Let people finish their thoughts, and don’t think about what you are going to say next while they are talking. Listening thoroughly will help you to respond positively instead of emotionally reacting in a negative way.

STEP 3: Have an attitude of gratitude. Why do things bother me so easily? Usually because all of my time, thought, and attention is focused on ME. Things will go wrong, just accept that. Life is full of bumps and bruises. But here is where the decision comes. Will you be thankful for your lot in life, or will you point at all the “bumps” and “bruises” that have happened, are happening, or could potentially happen? Getting out and doing things for others helps to take that focus off of “ME.” Get out in the community, volunteer, do some good in the world. You dont have to go out of your way to help people. People need help all around us. Usually in small ways that will inconvenience us...but they are there. My wife always pays for the person behind her in the drive thru wherever she is. Intentional and small things to us really change the day of someone else, and in turn affect our attitudes as well. Is what you are doing helping someone? Yes, but it’s also changing you. Helping others helps develop an attitude of gratitude in ourselves. You will soon find the old worn out platitude “tis better to give than receive” is actually true.

Will implementing these small things get you a promotion, and make you the world’s best parent? Obviously not. However, sometimes it’s the little tweaks we can make that make a big difference in how we look at, and respond to the problems we face each day.


First Triathlon

I participated in, and completed(!) my first triathlon.  My sister Kathryn and brother in law, Andy, raised over $7000 for Alzheimer's research-which was way beyond our goal.  
Thank you for your support!
Here, I have just exited the lake after the swim, taken off my swim cap, goggles and am running to the transition area where I am going to throw on some shorts and get my bike.  
For the record... no one should run in spandex... I don't care what they made you think on Baywatch... Don't do it; it's not pretty.

No explanation needed...

After I biked to the transition area again, I grabbed my stuff for the run. It looked awfully daunting.  

Yay, I finished!  
xoxo, Elizabeth